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Hello, I am a Professional Tech reviewer, Live Host/ Broadcaster, and Speech motivator 

My personal life

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I've Been Interested In Tech Since the age of 9. 

I started to be interested in the entertainment business since the age of 18. 

I started to become interested  in motivational speaking at the age of 25. 

My Experience & Skills

Tech Stuff

I started to review Small Tech Products at the age of 19, then slowly moved on to purchasing More expensive products. And by the age of 22 my hard work paid off. I got partnered by YouTube...

Entertainment Industry 

At the Age of 17 I had the opportunity to do my own Movie based of My life. All expense paid by HBO Production. 

Motivational Speaker 

After going through a bunch of obstacle in my life' whether it being health wise or just things that happened in life in general. I decided " I was tired of being sick in tired ", So I decided it was time for me to run my life' not life run me. 

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